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The Brewery


Roughly half of the tap list are year-round brews, while the other half consists of seasonal beers and our own entertaining single-batch experiments.  New recipes may be the inspiration of a single brewer or a collaboration between us all, and may rest for a while in oak barrels.

Our core and seasonal beers strike a drinkable balance while representing their styles well. Single-batch brews are to show off new ingredients and brewing techniques, explore beer styles, and (maybe the most important) give us a place to put all the awesome beer names.

As brewers and beer-loving humans, we enjoy the experience of producing and drinking traditional cask conditioned beer. Thus, you will find a rotation selection of beers on two cask engines at the bar. These ‘live’ beers are served cool, with lower carbonation than ‘normal,’ and evolve in flavor as oxygen enters the cask. Our Anniversary Cask Fest offers customers an impressive line up of Real Ale brewed by us and many other local breweries.

Brewery Manager Breann (Bre) Goulette has been with Plank Town since 2016. She started front of the house, but soon moved into the brewery doing keg washing, sales, and cellar work until John Crane bought the Brewers Union pub in Oakridge.

In 2020, Bre was awarded the Glen Hay Falconer Scholarship and attended a Concise Course in Brewing at Siebel Institute in Chicago.

Plank Town Brewery’s founding brewer (now retired) Steve van Rossem, had decades of experience in Oregon breweries (McMenamin’s High Street, West Bros, and Block 15) lent an intuitive approach to beer recipe development and brewery operations.

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