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Beer List

Flagship Brews

Blue Pool Pilsner
Our take on a classic Bohemian pilsner brewed with floor-malted pilsner malt & Saaz hops. Malty & smooth, yet crisp & refreshing. 21 IBU, 4.8%
Alpine Trail Pale
A deep golden, rich & very non-traditional pale ale. Extremely well balanced & subtly hopped for a hint of citrus & herbs. 44 IBU, 5.5%
Riptooth IPA
An intense array of signature Northwest hops backed by an international mix of malts. Full flavored, robust & not at all subtle. 80 IBU, 6.5%
A smooth, malty English-style ale with seven U.K. malts balanced by a variety of noble hops. Raise a pint in honor of Ken Kesey. 32 IBU, 5.8%
Streetcar Stout
Dark & rich with flavors of roasted cocoa, dark chocolate, & caramel. Big flavor with a smooth finish. 21 IBU, 6.3%

New on Tap

Island Time
We put the lime in the coconut so you can drink it all up. This fruit beer is sweet & sunny with a bright, tart finish. 12 IBU, 4.7%
Tank Girl Pale Ale
We loaded the whirlpool with 17 pounds of the 2021 Pink Boots hop blend, dry hopped a bit & out comes this fruit-punchy, piney & peachy, definitely bitter pale ale. Pink Boots blend proceeds go to a nonprofit for women in the beer industry. 40 IBU, 5.1%
Isaria Summer Lager
Rich, pure malt & whole grain bread define this beer. Its full flavor is remarkable for such a light-bodied beer. 25 IBU, 3.5%
This juicy pale ale featuring the Pink Boots Hop Blend was brewed on International Women’s Day by the Women of Plank Town. Orange peel and puree give this hazy pale ale a subtle nose of citrus and a creamy (contains lactose) mouth feel. Recipe by Breann Goulette. 40 IBU, 6.7%
Frankly, My Beer
Don’t freak out! The peachy, floral, & earthy spice aromas are a token of our extreme use of Zappa hops, with a touch of Citra. A pale malt backbone provides blessed relief. Get it while you can; it might just be a one shot deal! 65 IBU, 6.5%

Seasonal Brews

UnObtainium IX [10oz]
This year’s special release is a roller coaster ride through the hop fields. Mango, mandarin, and resin aromas meet rich malt flavors for an ethereal experience that gets more complex with every sip. 100+ IBU, 10.4%
A classic German amber lager in the Marzen style. Brewed for the spring season with German malt and hops. Pairs exceptionally well with food. 12 IBU, 4.9%
Hobbit’s Habit
A rich, smooth, malty, copper-colored ale with subtle noble hop aromas that balance out this complex yet very quaffable beer. 18 IBU, 7.5%
Honey Dopplebock [10 oz]
A golden Doppelbock brewed with local Meadowfoam honey for a smooth richness balanced with a sweet, silky, lingering finish. 15 IBU, 11.1%
Cask Taps [Brewer’s Choice]
Enjoy the subtle complexity of naturally carbonated cask ale
Nitro Tap [Brewer’s Choice]
The smooth creaminess of nitrogen highlights the rich malt flavor of craft beer

Beer Flights

Day Flight
Isaria Lager, Blue Pool Pils, Springfest, Island Time [4oz pours]
Hop Flight
Hilde, Frankly My Beer, Riptooth IPA, UnObtainium IX [4oz pours]
Night Flight
Furthr Ambr, Hobbit’s Habit, Streetcar Stout, Honey Dopplebock [4oz pours]
Walk the Plank!
Take the plunge & enjoy all 12 tasters [4oz pours]

Cocktails & Other Beverages


Sometimes A Great Notion
Aria Gin, Ver Liqueur, bordeaux cherry juice, lime juice & simple syrup
Thai Spiced Rum, coconut cream, nutmeg, pineapple & orange juice *Make it spicy! Ask to add Thai Chili
Sucker Punch
Apple Bourbon, lemon, pineapple-habanero shrub & simple syrup
Rosemary Collins
Rosemary infused gin, grapefruit bitters & lemon juice
Masala Chai
Masala Spiced Rum, cream & simple syrup *Dirty Chai option: served hot & topped with coffee
Lake Oswego
Swallowtail Gin, Earl Grey Vermouth, Harlequin & lemon juice
Oregon Old Fashioned
Whippersnapper Whiskey, demerara simple & Cherry Filbert bitters
Pear Mule
Wild Roots Pear Vodka, lime juice, pear bitters & ginger beer
Hibiscus Highball
Jimador Tequila, hibiscus, Iris, grapefruit juice & lemon juice
New York Sour
Jim Beam Bourbon, red wine simple syrup, lemon & lime juice
Electric Kool-Aid
Swallowtail Gin, hibiscus, Iris, lemon juice & Prosecco simple syrup

Wine & Cider

Hard Cider
*Ask for options
House White or House Red

–  $Glass | $Bottle –

$8 | $24
Pavette Sauvignon Blanc
$8 | $24
Hyatt Riesling
$8 | $24
Ryan Patrick Chardonnay
$9 | $27
Iris Pinot Gris
$10 | $30
McManis Petite Sirah
$7 | $21
William Rose Demon Bird
$9 | $27
Alki Cabernet
$11 | $33
Silvan Ridge Malbec
$12 | $36
Iris Pinot Noir
$13 | $39

Non Alcoholic

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Orange Crush, Dr Pepper, Root Beer
Iced Tea
Organic Assam black tea
$3 | $4
Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Cranberry Juice or Lemonade
Lavender Lemonade
Fentimans Ginger Beer - 9oz bottle
Coca Cola -12oz bottle
Shirley Temple | Roy Rogers
With our house made grenadine
Assorted flavors
Black, Green or Herbal Tea
Assorted flavors
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